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Customer Guide
Learn about the entire china trademark registration process.
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  Copyright Registration Application in the China


Chinese Copyright Protection Center (CPCC hereinafter) is authorized to accept copyright registration applications from overseas applicants and to conduct verification to the application documents.


Application Documents


1.Power of Attorney duly signed by the applicant,

2.duly sealed or signed Works for Voluntary Registration Ownership Statement,

3.respective identification of the author and the applicant (eg. a copy of first page of

passport of an individual or a copy of business certificate of a company),

4.Application Form for Copyright Registration,

5.evidence proving the ownership in the copyrighted works (e.g. copies of the first page)

or copyright page of the work or photocopies of the manuscript of the work

6.sample of the work,

7.An Introduction to the Work


As regulated it takes sixty days to obtain the Registration Certificate counted from the filing day.


The official fee for one application for copyright registration is 700RMB, our attorney fee for filing one application is 320USD plus disbursement and other charges for the expenses incurred during the verification.



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