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Trademark monitoring provides you with timely notice of any new, potentially harmful trademark applications as they become available. As a trademark owner, you have a right by law to object to any new applications that may, in your view, be harmful to your trademark.


When a trademark is granted that is identical or similar to yours it has the ability to harm your business. The competitive trademark can cause confusion among your customers as they try to distinguish your specific wares and services from those of your competitor.


For example, identical trademarks have been granted to different companies for the following trademarks:

Gladiator (1998)- for Parts and Service for Motorcycles;

Gladiator (1999) - for Motorcycle Tires and Accesories;

Infiniti (1986) - for Telecommunication Devices, namely pagers;

Infiniti (1990) for Telecommunication Devices, namely electronic key telephone systems


In each case, the search records available to the Trademark Examiner did not appear to reveal any confusingly similar?trademarks. Since the trademark owner was unaware of the application for the identical trademark, he did not have the opportunity to oppose the trademark registration. As a result, the Trademark Officer allowed identical marks to be registered on the Principal Register.


By using trademark monitoring, you never have to be caught off guard again.  Monitoring makes it possible for you to be aware of, and possibly prevent, a trademark application that has the potential to conflict with, and be harmful to, your trademark .

Chinatrademark.com is providing Trademark watch in China:

Active monitoring for confusingly similar trademarks in the China Trademark Office database ,Contains register for new and pending applications.

Monthly reports of potentially infringing marks,Sent via e-mail on a regular basis.


You are requested to fill up the form for requesting a Trademark Monitoring  or mail us.

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