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How to claim priority when filing trademark application ?
From:chinatrademark.net Input_time:8/11/2009 3:13:12 PM 


Application in the following two situations:
1) The application for the same mark in connection with the same goods is first filed in a foreign country which is a party of the international treaty of which China is also a party, provided that the application in China is filed within six months from the date on which the application was first filed in the foreign country. The applicant shall indicate in the application the first filing date, filing number and the country in which the application was filed, and submit a certified copy of the first application issued by the authority.
2) Where an applicant uses a trademark for the first time on goods displayed at an international exhibition sponsored or recognized by the Chinese government, he may claim the priority when filing trademark application within six months from the date of exhibition. The certified documents and evidence proving the name and date of the exhibition, date of display of the goods bearing the mark in the exhibition, etc. are required to support the priority claim.

Priority documents:
1. Date of filing and the application number issued by relevant authority in the country of basic application shall be indicated in the document;
2. Right of priority shall be claimed with the submission of the application.

The above-mentioned certified documents supporting the priority claim can be late filed within three months from the Chinese filing date.

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